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Pico Nasal Mask with Headgear by Phillips Respironics

Pico Nasal Mask with Headgear by Phillips Respironics
  • Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask with Headgear
  • Pico Nasal Mask
  • Pico Nasal Mask
  • Pico Nasal Mask
  • Pico Nasal Mask
  • Pico Nasal Mask



Pico Nasal Mask is the latest nasal mask from Respironics.  It is a very light weight and easy to use mask with a classic design. The frame of the mask is streamlined to reduce bulk, and it offers a clear line of vision for those patients who like to read or watch TV before they fall asleep.  Instead of traditional forehead suppport, the headgear loops through a thin part of the frame that makes a small amount of contact with the forehead.  This gives patients the extra support they need without the need of a bulky forehead mask.

The headgear is made of a combination of lycra, nylon, and urethane foam to give the patient a very comfortable experience.  It has four points of adjustment so that users can fine tune their mask for the best fit possible.  The strap going over the top of the head provides extra support and eliminates pressure points.

The cushions were designed to sit on the bridge of the nose as comfortably as possible.  The part of the cushion that makes contact with the nose is made from silicone, while the part that attaches to the elbow is made from polycarbonate.  Two layers of silicone at the bridge of the nose significantly reduces irritation in this area, which is a common problem for patients.  The cushions can be cleaned with a wet paper towel and allowed to air dry.  Allow them to air dry.  Drying them with a towel may lead to a patient breathing in lint.

The mask is very easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning and changing out cushions, perfect for patients looking for minimal disruptions to their sleep and lifestyle.

Additional Information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions13 x 10 x 4 in

Extra Large, Large, Fit Pack (Small/Medium, Large & Extra Large), Small/Medium


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