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Prescription Policy

The FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy require that we obtain prescriptions for CPAP/APAP/BiLevel machines, humidifiers and masks. Some supplies, such as replacement cushions, tubing, and filters do not require a prescription. The prescription does not expire, and can be used multiple times. Once we have a valid prescription on file for you, you will not have to submit it again unless a product you order is not covered by the original prescription. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept a prescription from a U.S. Physician.

We can accept prescriptions via e-mail, fax, or uploading directly to the website. If you are in need of assistance in getting your prescription we are more than happy to help, just call (844)361-0718.

Prescription Guidelines:

  • Prescriptions must be issued and signed by a licensed U.S. Physician.
  • Prescriptions for CPAP Masks and other CPAP Supplies do not need to say anything more than “CPAP Supplies”, although they can be more specific if desired.
  • As for CPAP/APAP/BiLevel/BiPAP machines, the prescription must be a bit more specific.
  • A CPAP prescription will need to have the pressure setting measured in centimeters of water, which will be a number from 4 to 20 followed by “cm/H2O”. A valid CPAP prescription should read something like, “CPAP set at 8cm/H2O.”
  • A BiLevel/BiPAP prescription will be similar to the CPAP, but will need two different pressures, one for an IPAP and another for EPAP (inspiratory and expiratory). A valid BiLevel/BiPAP prescription should read something like, “BiPAP set at EPAP 8cm/H2O, IPAP 12cm/H2O.”
  • An APAP (Auto) machine does not require a specified pressure, but the prescription must state, “Auto CPAP” or “APAP”. If no pressure is specified, the APAP will be shipped with a range from 4cm/H2O to 20cm/H2O. If a more specific range is desired, please make sure it is noted on the prescription.
  • A prescription for a humidifier just needs to say something along the lines of, “CPAP Humidifier” or “CPAP Heated Humidifier.”
  • A prescription that covers all of these would read something like, “CPAP set at 8cm/H2O with Heated Humidifier and supplies.”

Most insurances require the presence of HCPCS billing codes, so please make sure all codes are listed on a prescription if you plan on having your insurance billed.  Here is a list of HCPCS codes and the product they represent:

E0601 – CPAP machine purchase
E0561 – CPAP Passover Humidifier
E0562 – CPAP Heated Humidifier
E0470 – BiPAP purchase
E0471 – BiPAP-ST purchase
A7034 – CPAP nasal mask
A7032 – CPAP nasal mask cushion
A7030 – CPAP Full Face mask
A7031 – CPAP Full Face mask cushion
A7044 – CPAP Full Oral Interface
A7046 – CPAP Humidifier Chamber
A4604 – CPAP tubing, heated breathing tube
A7037 – CPAP tubing, long and short hoses
A7038 – CPAP disposable filter
A7039 – CPAP foam filter
A7035 – CPAP headgear
A7033 – CPAP nasal pillows
A7036 – CPAP chinstrap

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at (844)361-0718 or email


 Unable to get a prescription?

If you’re already established on therapy, but for any reason are unable to secure a prescription, we are still able to help. Mask parts such as replacement cushions and headgears, tubings, filters or humidifier chambers do not require a prescription to purchase. This allows you to refresh your current set up, although you wouldn’t be able to purchase masks complete with the headgear, machines or humidifiers.