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30 Day Mask Guarantee Program

When you purchase a mask from Apnea Pros, you can do so with confidence. Every mask purchase comes with a 30 Day Guarantee of satisfaction. If the mask you purchase is causing you any issues, you can send it back in exchange for a different style or size. We offer this because we want you to be comfortable and confident in your purchase with us, but we do have a couple of stipulations in place that help make this policy possible:

  • If you have purchased a mask, and you are unhappy with it, contact us as soon as possible at or (844)361-0718. We will issue you a RMA number for the return of the mask, and can help with choosing a replacement mask that may better serve you.
  • Apnea Pros is not responsible for any costs associated with shipping the mask back to our office, although you will also not be asked to pay shipping for the replacement masks. Replacement masks will be shipped by Apnea Pros within 2 business days of receiving the original mask from the customer.
  • If there is a difference in price between the masks chosen, you may be asked to pay the difference.  Unfortunately, Apnea Pros can not offer a refund if the second mask chosen costs less, although we may be able to make it up in other ways.
  • The 30 days begin the date following the initial shipping. For example if your order is shipped on August 3rd your 30 days will begin on August 4th and expire September 2nd.
  • Although there is no limit on how many masks you can exchange, your 30 days do not reset with the shipping of replacement masks.
  • Apnea Pros reserves the right to refuse this program to any customer who we deem is abusing the program.

This policy applies to CPAP masks with headgear only. See our Return Policy for information regarding single mask parts, tubing, machines, etc.